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About us

Martial arts are a way of life, but in order to live it, one first must become familiar with what martial arts are. There are plenty of disciplines and styles to learn, and most of them come with their own philosophies, often influencing the discipline to a great extent.

My name is Peter and I love martial arts, but specifically aikido. Aikido is one of many martial arts, and in my personal opinion, perhaps the most balanced of them all. It strives to bring balance to the practitioner, to help them understand that combat does not need to be destructive and that it can be stopped without any pain to the attacker or defender.

Like most eastern martial arts, aikido comes from Japan, a beautiful country with a long history of martial arts and culture.

But, Europe is also a cradle of culture, one that should be explored whenever one gets the chance. Whether you want to learn about aikido, martial arts, Japan, or Europe, you will find all that you want on the topics in my blog.