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The Best Travel Apps

Technology is very important today and most of us rely on it to do even the most basic tasks, like count. However, technology might not be usable in all instances, even though there have been updates to make it so. Travel might limit our use of technology somewhat, particularly if we have to rely on the internet. Fortunately enough, there is free internet almost anywhere, so connecting is as simple as owning the right SIM card or asking someone for the WiFi password.

Travel can be daunting, but with the right applications, it can become as easy as going out to the store. Here are the best travel applications.


Looking for a place to stay but are not fond of hotels? Hostelworld is the right application for you. It has been around for a while now and it has the reputation it deserves. It can help you find the right hostel, with all the much-needed filters. Users leave reviews so getting up to date with whether a place is the right one for you is as easy as clicking on the hostel you are interested in. You can book in advance and get ready for your holiday with just a few clicks or rather, taps.


AirBnB is an alternative to hostelworld, except that it does things differently. AirBnB can help you find beds, rooms, apartments, houses or even couches to sleep on. The quality of the locations can vary so be mindful of that. You should definitely read reviews and find a place which people have already visited. There have been reports of abysmal locations that have somehow remained on the list of valid sleeping choices.


Yelp is the application to go to if you want to know everything about restaurants, places to eat, barber shops, doctors, anything and everything regarding visiting a location that has nothing to do with where you will be sleeping. Sometimes, you might need the right doctor, or a haircut. Yelp can help you find the right place, no matter what you are after, from food to good grooming or even healthcare. Overall, it is a good application where users make or break a business for foreigners.

Google Maps and

Honestly, why bother traveling without these applications? The first comes stock with almost any Android phone and is available on iOS, and the second is an offline only map, where you download the maps you want for the entire country or region you are visiting. Both work well, when you have or don’t have internet access. One is updated more frequently (Google Maps), while the other is great for when you do not want to spend money on data.

Google Translate

The standard, go-to application for translation. It might not get all the cases or the inflections right, but you will get the meaning across, which is more important in most communication situations. It offers the option to download the languages you want, which is great for traveling to a specific country when one language is primarily spoken.

These are the best travel applications, the ones you shouldn’t leave home without. There are more, but consider these first.