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Can You Practice Martial Arts at Home?

Martial arts have different meanings to different people. Some view it as a competitive sport, nothing more than another thing to compete in, a goal to achieve, a tournament to win. Others see it differently, as a way of life, something to be practiced daily, to be honed and used as a life philosophy, not just a way of exercising. To some, it is just that, a way to exercise.

Exercising has become difficult, given the global pandemic. However, working out at home is more than just possible. But, can one practice martial arts at home? Yes, to an extent, and here is how.

Martial Arts at Home – Beginners

The thing about martial arts is that they can be practiced anywhere, but if one expects to learn how to defend themselves while practicing only at home, it will be very difficult.

Practicing at home allows beginners to learn basic moves, but they should not really practice them without getting the form right first. Getting the form right is difficult without tutoring and an instructor observing and correcting.

One could always film their practice and upload it to forums or YouTube, asking for people to give out their opinions. Expert practitioners will often be found, to correct the mistakes of the beginner.

Intermediate Practice at Home

For those who are already familiar with the basics of martial arts, any of them, practice at home is possible. These practitioners would be able to go through their routine, whether kicks, punches or basic sets of moves. They could do it without any additional gear, or with something like a punching bag, or even a wooden dummy, should they have access to one. Practicing moves is possible with nothing than more some free space, where one will not hit any objects or injure themselves.

Advanced Practice at Home

Those who have already mastered any martial art, or rather, those who are at an advanced level, let’s say, black belts, can practice at home just like anybody else would be able to. They could go through their routines, kicks, moves, which should be a part of their daily practices at that point. However, like all other levels of martial art practice at home, advanced practitioners would suffer from a lack of opposition. Practicing martial arts moves in a vacuum is great, but only if one wants to know the moves and not the martial art itself.

Should One Get Gear?

Technically, if one only wants to practice martial arts moves, gear is unnecessary at home. But, if grappling and throwing techniques are to be practiced, landing on a carpet, concrete or wood will be very painful.

At that point, mats are a must. 

Resistance is very important when practicing punches and kicks. A punching bag of some sort will be very helpful to martial artists of all levels. 

Martial arts can be practiced at home, just like most disciplines that allow one to have a workout routine alone. However, martial arts are best practiced with others, to have someone tell you whether your technique is effective, and to spar, eventually.