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The Best Destinations in Europe You Must Visit At Least Once

Europe is one of the world’s most interesting continents. Some have amazing sights, others roads which go for endless kilometers, but Europe, Europe has culture and that culture is packed so tightly that one can only hope to experience a single country in its entirety, let alone the whole continent.

This is why one must visit the following destinations in Europe. 


Rome is one of those cities which one should never shy away from. When visiting Rome, one has the opportunity to visit the Vatican, as well as Rome’s many sights. From the Colosseum to the many museums in Rome, it is a center of culture and history. It also has gelato, something the Italians are known for.


We’ll always have Paris, goes the famous movie quote. Paris is another culture-packed city which must be visited. It is home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and many more sights which should be explored and seen. It is known to be the city of love but it is definitely also one of culture and history.


London is the capital of England, as many people know, and home to the Queen, a lot of sports fans, as well as some of the most historic buildings and sights. Visit London at any time of the year but preferably summer when you are less likely to be rained on. 


Prague is located in the Czech Republic and is another of those charming, culturally packed cities. Compared to Italy, France and England, Prague offers something of its own charm, which is due to the heritage and customs of the Czech. The Slavic culture is amazing, so visit Prague for a dose of history as well as people who know how to party.


Ireland is a place of its own, a place which is worth visiting no matter how much out of the way it might seem. The Irish culture in Dublin might be a bit more tame so one would have to move to cities like Galway, but explore it long enough and you will find the charm of the Irish very quickly.


This is one of those picturesque cities which can swallow you up when you allow it. It is a city which has many colorful buildings and a lovely night life. It is extremely hot during the summer, so consider spring or autumn if you plan on visiting.


Turkey is a world of its own and Istanbul will show you all of that world, from a very interesting street culture to architecture and wonders which you are unlikely to find in other areas of Europe.

These are must-visit destinations in Europe, cities which one should see if they are in Europe.