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The Best Martial Arts Video Games of All Time

Entertainment is as important as is practice. Sometimes, entertainment can be more important, because in a time of stress and mass media bombardment, not to mention a global pandemic, entertainment can save lives.

However, why not recreational activities, hobbies and even sports, mixed with entertainment. This is where video games come in, particularly if they require one to stand or use their bodies. 

Martial arts video games are not as frequent as other video games, but they are relatively popular. Here are the world’s best martial arts games, to have fun and maybe even get up and practice.

Street Fighter V

There is nothing like engaging in a bit of Street Fighter V fun after a long day’s work.

The game is pretty reminiscent of its early titles, but with everything turned up to 11, namely the graphics, the gameplay and the music. There are plenty of characters that one can play, both old favorites and completely new ones. 

With tons of combos and special moves to master, not to mention ultimate moves, the game is pretty fun and fast-paced.

Mortal Kombat 11

The newest edition of the Mortal Kombat series of games is called 11 and is pretty good, bringing back classic characters, a bit aged, of course, as well as new ones. It also has some characters which do not belong in the series, but are there due to the publisher owning other franchises, such as Robocop, Rambo and the T-800, which looks like Arnold, of course. There is a story of how these characters infiltrate the universe, but most people are there for the fighting and the one-liners.

Tekken 7

Tekken gets better with every generation and Tekken 7 has some of the game’s most loved characters, like the other games in the list, as well as new ones. Tekken is all about fighting and some of the characters embody various martial arts disciplines perfectly. From taekwondo to drunken kung fu, one can see martial arts in action with this game.


Ultimate Fighting is very popular and it should come as no surprise that when EA launched the franchise and started making games, that they would eventually stick and remain among the most interesting fighting games on offer.

UFC is all about various fighters and their specific styles, combining this or that from disciplines from all over the world. There are, of course, popular fighters as playable characters, as well as the option to create your own. The game has great gameplay, what you would expect from a game such as this, with takedowns and floor action, not to mention regular punching and kicking.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

This is a Fatal Fury game, often known as Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. It is a sequel of sorts, with plenty of new characters, not to mention a returning fan favorite, Terry Bogard. Each of the characters has their own style but some employ pure martial arts styles, such as Kim Jae Hoon, who is a taekwondo master. Other characters combine styles or have their own, unique style.

These are some of the best martial arts or fighting games that you can have today. There certainly are more of them, but one should always start with these ones.